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Diamond Roof and Gutter serves South Central & Southeast Kansas with high quality roof replacements without cutting corners or offering less than above board customer service. We pride ourselves in providing top notch roofing materials and roof installation techniques that will leave you with a roof you can enjoy for years to come. The South Central & Southeastern areas of Kansas see many dangerous hail storms that may cause roof damage that would require total roof replacement, or simply repairs to the existing roof. If you find yourself in need of a roof inspection to assess roof storm damage or the aging of your roof, you will find our inspections to be thorough and informative. When it comes to repairing or replacing your roof, Diamond Roof and Gutter will be the best roofing choice in South Central & Southeastern Kansas.


Quality, durable gutters are a vital aspect of any roofing system. Without them, your home could be left wide open to water damage. Gutters perform the crucial job of collecting rainwater and directing it away from your home and into the ground. If your gutters are old, dented, or sagging, a portion of that rainwater will be directed back towards your home either at the roof level or at the foundation of your home. This can cause any number of problems inside your home, namely water damage. Installing new, more durable gutters will keep your home protected from water damage, which has been known to cause everything from interior wall stains to (in serious cases) electrical fires.

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Siding is constantly exposed to weather, water, fire and pests, and can succumb to mold, swelling, shrinking and cracking over time. Whether your home needs a fresh new look, or you’re looking to repair some damage, we offer a range of siding options for residential and commercial buildings. 



Diamond Roof and Gutter is a full service residential fence contractor. We offer wrought iron, wood privacy or chain link fencing. Call today for a free estimate.

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There is no simpler way to completely change the look and feel of the exterior of your home than by having it repainted from top to bottom. You don’t have to buy a new house for it to look its best. Our goal is to make having your house painted be an easy task for you. Whether you are painting your entire house or a single side, call Diamond Roof and Gutter for a free estimate today! We use only Sherwin Williams paint to ensure the best quality paint job on your house, with only the best products.


Tree and Stump Removal

We can help you to remove that dead tree or the huge dead stump in the middle of your yard. Call Diamond Roof & Gutter for a free estimate today!

Radon Testing

What is radon?

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that’s produced by decaying uranium. It’s present in nearly all soils, and very low levels of radon are found in the air we breathe every day, according to the American Cancer Society

Why is radon a problem?

The problem occurs when radon gas enters your home and gets trapped. Long-term exposure to high levels of radon can cause lung cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that lung cancer caused by radon exposure kills about 21,000 Americans every year. 

How does Radon get into your house?

The radon gas moves from the soil into a home. Although it can seep directly through pores in concrete, the worst entry points are gaps in walls and floors. Any house, of any age, in any state, can have elevated radon levels, the EPA warns. It really depends on the way your specific house interacts with the surrounding soil. Your neighbor’s radon level may differ substantially from yours. Radon poisoning is just one of the ways your house may be making you sick.

Testing your home from radon is the only way to know whether your house is safe

Test your house today! Test. Fix it. Save a Life.

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