Hail Claims


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Insurance Claims Process

The insurance claims process can be intimidating and time consuming. Most insurance companies want to properly service their clients’ claims, but it helps when everyone is familiar with the process. Diamond Roof and Gutter is experienced in the claims process and would like to offer our assistance.

If you suspect hail or wind damage to your roof from a recent storm, contact Diamond Roof and Gutter for your free inspection and consultation. If our certified inspector recommends an inspection from your insurance company, you should call your insurance carrier’s claims office, not the insurance agent who sold you the policy. The claims representatives and the agents serve you in different capacities.



We are insurance restoration contractors, meaning we understand the insurance process and work with you and your insurance company to restore your home to better than it was before the storm. Your insurance advocate from Diamond Roof and Gutter will make the insurance process easy!

  • Contact Diamond Roof and Gutter to have a complimentary roof inspection performed by a trained professional. If you have roof damage we will recommend that you file a claim.
  • File a claim with your insurance carrier’s claims office. Notify them that  Diamond Roof and Gutter inspected the roof and found evidence of hail or wind damage.
  • Your advocate from  Diamond Roof and Gutter will meet with the adjuster.
  • Our detailed assessment is provided to the insurance adjuster or carrier.
  • Scope and pricing are finalized between the adjuster and your advocates from  Diamond Roof and Gutter.
  • Your Project Manager will help oversee the entire process to make things easy for you.
  • The only thing you pay is your deductible and any pre-selected upgrades.
  • The scope of work is scheduled and completed. Your insurance company is invoiced and depreciation released to you.
  • Upon completion of construction and full payment to Diamond Roof and Gutter your warranty and paid in full invoice will be sent.


Filing the Claim

Contact the property claims department by phone or online. Describe the weather related event and answer all of the questions.

The claim handler will assign a claim number and a claims adjuster.

Write this number down as it will be very important throughout the entire process. It may take several days to obtain the name and contact information of your adjuster. Be sure to ask for his or her cell phone or direct contact number when he or she calls to schedule the inspection meeting. Contact your Diamond Roof and Gutter representative and provide the adjuster’s name, contact info and appointment time. Your insurance company may ask you to meet with multiple contractors and gather three estimates. You could invest your time assisting  the insurance company in getting the lowest price. The result is the insurance company keeps the savings. You get a cheaper roof! Diamond will negotiate with the insurance carrier for a fair insurance re-roof settlement. You will get the highest quality roof system with Diamond Roof and Gutter.

Adjuster Meeting to Assess Damages

Inform your adjuster that you will have your roofing contractor present at the meeting. It is highly advisable for your Diamond Roof and Gutter representative to attend the inspection meeting and serve as your advocate. As much as they appreciate your business, the insurance carriers must seek to keep their expenditures down. Inspecting the roof together will help establish the presence and accurate assessment of the extent of the damages. Most adjusters will request the name of the roofer with whom they will be meeting because they realize your position and want to be fair to you.

Measurements and photos of the roof and other damages will be taken at that time. 

Ensuring a Fair Settlement

Once the insurance adjuster assesses the extent of damages, he or she will generate a claim summary detailing the scope of repairs or replacement. Depending on the schedule, seniority and authority of the field adjuster, this claim summary may be provided to you at the initial meeting or will go through a submission and approval process.  It should not take more than two weeks to obtain the claim summary. They are often uploaded digitally into an online account you set up or mailed to your address on file. It is a good idea to confirm your mailing address with the adjuster to avoid delays in receiving this important document.

Most insurance carriers use Xactimate pricing software to determine the fair market price of your roof replacement. To simplify matters, Diamond Roof and Gutter also uses Xactimate to generate our estimate for your project, so the pricing per unit should be the same as your insurance carrier. When you receive the adjuster’s claim summary we will compare it to our own to make sure nothing has been omitted from the scope of the project. If there is a difference in our estimate and that of the insurance company’s estimate, it will be solely on the scope of the project, not per unit pricing.

In the event that there is a discrepancy between our assessment of the scope of the repairs needed to restore your home to pre-storm condition and their assessment of the same, our insurance liaison will negotiate the difference with the insurance company on your behalf. (You will not need a crash course in roofing components and measurements to try to explain why omitted key items are necessary in the replacement of your roof.) In most cases this will be a simple process of faxing or emailing them our estimate and calling them to discuss the differences. We are very familiar with what each insurance company is currently approving and do not submit frivolous supplements that delay your new roof installation. That would be a disservice to all parties.

That being said, certain insurance companies are less willing to fund key components of your new roof. A quick phone call from you may be helpful. If that happens, we will discuss our options and develop the best plan of action for your claim situation. Once the negotiation process has been completed, the insurance company will release a supplemental check to cover the additional amount that was determined through negotiations with the insurance representative.